#Ready4Success – A Successful 1st Cohort

Yesterday marked the final session for the 1st group of individuals enrolled in Step Up Hub’s Ready 4 Success Programme. We ended with individual mock interviews, which included a panel of interviewers and a list of pre-prepared questions. Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without hot food and certificates of completion.

The 1st cohort saw progress made over the last 3 months – with many women involved getting into employment, work placements, volunteering roles, and at the very least, developing a working plan to progress (both professionally and personally) over the next few years.

We had a diverse group of women – from different backgrounds, ages, levels of education, and English language abilities (reflective of the borough of Brent, as one of the most diverse borough’s in London). It was inspiring to watch all of them come together week after week, and work well together within the capacity building exercises introduced by our trainer. Not only did they master the art of working well in a team, but at times they shared very personal aspects of their lives – and it was touching to witness the support and understanding from the others in the room.

This group maintained a level of commitment to not only to their individual goals and aspirations, but to one another. The success achieved by each woman, was defined at the outset of the programme by them. Because Ready 4 Success is designed to allow the individual person to decide what success means to them, there existed a level of freedom of expression and progression within programme. For some, that meant getting into employment. For others, maybe it was improving their interview skills, or getting a new and improved CV – ready for distribution. Whatever the aspiration, Ready 4 Success attempted to provide a platform to develop a bespoke plan, suited to each individual.

Looking back at the achievements throughout the past few months, it is clear that the drive to learn, succeed, and improve within Brent’s communities is incredibly present. Step Up Hub looks forward to implementing our programme again with the next cohort – on April 1st 2019 (location TBD).

We are recruiting now – this time for a mixed gender group. Both men and women of Brent are welcome to enroll in this free and exciting opportunity. (We especially welcome those from the BAMER communities). 

To enquire, email Ready 4 Success’ Project Coordinator, Bethany. 

bethany@stepuphub.org, or call 07818873567.