Help your neighbour

We run good Neighbours Schemes in Brent

Good Neighbours Scheme aims to the improve health and wellbeing of people in Brent, especially those who are vulnerable and isolated. Working with residents we seek to find solutions to the issues which make life difficult, strengthen communities to do more for them and enable people to improve their life chances.

By identifying people who may be at risk, we provide early support to prevent the need for later crisis interventions. We work in partnership with other voluntary and public services working in Brent and aim to connect people to the help that is available to them

Our Good Neighbours Schemes will offer you and your fellow residents opportunities

  •     To attend activities and events.
  •     Learn or teach a skill in one of the groups.
  •     Help out in any way that you would like to or just socialise and make new friends.
  •     Be part of the reference group that oversees the running of the Good Neighbours Scheme.

By being part of your local Good Neighbours Scheme you can help build a better local community by

  •     Tackling isolation
  •     Expanding your own social circle and that of other residents
  •     Helping to build sustainable networks of mutual support
  •     Increasing the sense of neighbourliness
  •     Improving the health and wellbeing of local residents
  •     Providing positive activities for children and young people.

To be successful our Good Neighbours Schemes need you and other local residents to get involved. They are built on an ethos of co-production and harness the strengths, ideas and passions that exist within your community. Working with us will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

How to get involved

If you live in any of the areas of Brent covered by our Good Neighbours Scheme and you want to get involve what is on offer or get in contact with your local Good Neighbours Scheme to find out more. Please contact us by email  or phone us on 02088303568