Young Londoners Funding Reaches Step Up Hub

Step Up Hub Awarded Mayor’s Young Londoners Funding

January 28, 2019

The Mayor of London created the Young Londoners Fund to help give young people the support they need to build a better future and avoid getting caught up in crime. The fund will see £30m made available for projects in local communities.

Step Up Hub (Formerly known as HSF, Help Somalia Foundation) is delighted to have been amongst the first recipients to be awarded medium-sized funding from the Young Londoners Fund.

Step Up Hub in collaboration with local organisations will create and facilitate a range of platforms for children and young people in London Borough of Brent, particularly those of BAME background.

The PLATFORMS project will give young people and parents in Brent

essential space and platforms to discuss, explore & manage difficult issues.

It will host activities relevant to young people and will act as both a diversionary from gang and criminal activities but also as a space to build relationships with parents, practitioners and institutions in the Borough.

If you would like more information, or would like to collaborate with us.Please contact Faisa Mohamoud, Email: or Tel:02088303568